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Quick Ribs

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I made these ribs a while ago… they’re very easy to make and even easier to eat. Mix a bit of salt, cinnamon, parsley, oregano, maple syrup, vinegar (modena) and marinate the ribs for a while.  The longer you leave … Continue reading


Life at almost 50

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Well I’m almost fifty and what do I have to my name? my two kids my live-in boyfriend sometimes called husband, hubby, or my new husband among other loving names my two dogs my two cockatails my four fish my … Continue reading


Bream baked in Salt

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Line a baking pan with greased paper (just to make things easier) Put some coarse salt and parsley on the bottom of the baking pan Place your bream on top of that Cover it with some more salt Put some … Continue reading


Simple Chocolate and Muesli Biscuits

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Muesli biscuits again but this time easier and quicker Melt some chocolate with a bit of butter and a bit of water Add some muesli Mix Add a bit of milk to thin it spread the mix onto biscuits Put … Continue reading


Chorizo Pasta Salad

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This is so easy it could be called stupid easy   get some pasta, spirals will do. Add some grated carrot Fry up some chorizo, some pork and a morcilla or whatever you have at hand Chop it up Add … Continue reading


Chicken Pie

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This takes a little time but it’s really worth it.  This is my Rosemary Chicken pie.  She gave me the recipe.  She was my personal library when I didn’t have any money to buy books. THE DOUGH 300 grams of … Continue reading


Pizza – Mint and Onion

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if you don’t have any ready made pizza dough or if you don’t want to wait an eternity for the dough to rise, you can have a good pizza in about 5 minutes. Get some flour and put some olive … Continue reading