Celibate or Fasting Week – Count Down to Wedding Day

celibate pic

It’s happened again.. and now I’m beginning to worry.  Just as well I’m not marrying him for real.


4 days to go for the wedding.



That’s real panic for you and….

Just as well I have a very nice battery powered vibrator.

Funny thing is that I actually like him a lot, in fact I even think I really love the guy.. It’s gone beyond infatuation, attraction or whatever you want to call it but…

Yes, but…

When you turn me on and then start playing and we do all the exciting foreplay, don´t you just fall asleep on me!

Allright, we were both tired and we’d both had a bit to drink but still….. no need to start with a wonderful menu if you know you’re not going to finish your meal.

The result of me going hungry is that I was in a foul mood today.  Not a good thing, not a good thing at all.


Now I’ll be celibate till our wedding…. in a way it’s a good thing he’s back in his flat.  He’ll be packing. He’s officially moving in with me.

The down side… there will be no sex with him for a week.  No good, no good.


And guess what?

I’m supposed to do my vows this week…. and guess something else?  I just can’t get my head around it



I’ll get back to my cooking and to my weird things in another post







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