Dying for a Ciggie

A few things are worrying me.
Maybe this should count as big red fire alarms!!!
Danger! Danger!
Sex wise: I’m masturbating….. this can’t be good. well, that’s good and more or less satisfying but not good enough considering I have a boyfriend, who, by the way, could be considered kind of a new thing in my life.
Here we are sitting in the porche, under the stars, drinking honey Rhum and instead of having a sexy time together we’re having a mobile phone time…so I’ve decided to write on the blog since he’s picked up his phone to check facebook
Another alarm…
He smokes joints which I don’t mind, specially since I stopped smoking last September. The thing is that when I ask him to blow smoke to me… he now says I’m too demanding which wasn’t a problem before…
He also says I’m very demanding when it comes to physical contact…which makes me feel as a nymphomaniac when I’m not. A ninth screws everything in site!
What the Fuck is wrong?
I think I’ll end up smoking…
Gosh! I’m dying for a cigarette and he’s not even blowing his smoke to me

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