CatWoman is Suitless and Sexless


Maybe I’ m paranoid… maybe I’m just weird..

I’m going to get married to a man I met 3 months ago and here I am wondering whether I should just carry on with the Ibiza wedding party thing or just cancel the whole event.


I suppose you have heard of the saying : “Happy wife, happy home”… Well, he doesn’t seem to have heard about it.. he’s got me on a sex diet and I’m not happy about it.


Medication is one of the reasons… medication being something for anxiety

Another reason: monetary worries

Another reason: His daughter is around

In fact.. I’m a bit pissed off with his daughter and mine, acting up as chaperones…  If it’s not one, it’s the other.. They either want to stay up or they keep hovering around.


The thing is, I have complained and I think I have finally made myself understood by the looks of it because he’s sent me a picture of CatWoman on a swing this morning… I’ve wanted one of those suits for ages. I don’t think he’ll get me one though but at least he’s getting some inspiration.  He’s been insinuating himself and trying to seduce me all afternoon, basically since we’ve been together all day and I’ve done my best to ignore him.  I know this may look like revenge but it’s not.  I’m in fact not letting myself expect anything or anticipate some wild wild sex…


I need sex.  I’m not an nymph but I need sex as well as cuddles, hugs and lots of love… I’m a dragon and I’m a number one… I’m intense!




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