Two number Ones make… What do those two make?

number 1

I’m a number ONE.

He’s a number ONE.

I didn’t know that when I first met him back in Easter…(this Easter)

I only found out he was also a number ONE, ten minutes before he proposed at the end of May at ONE o’clock in the morning at the beach.  That’s ONE thing that made me think for a couple of seconds and ONE thing that I decided to ignore as I said YES! new boyfriend and I have been  living together for more or less the whol month of June, basically for ONE month (that’s as fast as things go for a little dragon like me), and we’re getting married in ONE month, at the end of July when the date of the wedding is also a number ONE.

Although I’m a witch… I had to check on a propitious date for our wedding even if it’s going to be a fake IBIZA WEDDING in legal terms but not so emotionally.

Here comes the fun side of it all:

I have ONE  daughter and he has ONE daughter too. and they’re both number EIGHTS, what a coincidence! And guess what… now that we’ve put them together we’re in trouble… both girls are set on not giving us any personal time, they are both quite stubborn teenagers. So much so, that they’re set on not going to the wedding which is by the way, an event in Facebook!

Right now… my daughter and his daughter are both in their room, supposedly sleeping.. or at least pretending to sleep… I had to get angry and tell them that I was going naked in the swimming pool for them to actually make a move when I got out of the swimming pool and made for the computer instead of sitting outside in the porch with them.  I had told them earlier on that I wanted private time with my boyfriend and with the other girl’s father.. (basically with Paul – that’s his name) and they made a point of making sure they stayed there instead of heading to bed.. so here I am at ONE o’clock in the morning, in front of the ONE computer I have writing a post about number ONE.

At this rate, I’m going to have to be unfaithful and have sex with my vibrator somewhere if I carry on not being able to have quality time with my boyfriend.

Maybe I’m asking for too much








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