Beatles, Humans and Henries

wah wah venue valencia

I know the title of the post sounds a bit strange, or very strange…

When my last relationship finished about a month ago, my daughter said that now that I was single again, I’d have men after me… and she wasn’t wrong…

I’ve actually noticed that a male friend I’ve had for at least 6 years or more has become kind of direct.. tonight he actually asked me if I didn’t want to swap my “Henries”, i.e vibrators for a real “Henry”  when he dropped me off at home after an evening out with a group of friends…— I told my dear friend that I had to refuse him as I was thinking of batting for the other team and that it would take me a while to make up my mind… Oh, well,  had to say something, didn’t I?

Now, this post comes about because tonight I went to a so called concert… well, a band playing in a little venue, the venue is called “Wah Wah” here n Valencia City, nice place.  The band, I have no idea of their name but they did a god job playing The Beatles’ Songs.

Well, as I was watching those guys singing, moving about, playing their instruments and singing, I looked at where their penises should be and I imagined them all with a hard on… how ridiculous they would look if they actually did have a hard on… and then I thought that we, human beings, man kind, can go about playing instruments just for the sheer pleasure of it without being aroused by it…


I know that some animals play around and interact with primitive games.. but .. humans are a bit different, we have lights to shine on us while we enjoy ourselves and even take millions of pictures of ourselves having lots and lots of fun  which makes me think about another thing that bothered me the other day; the thought of how sad our society is with all these selfies all over the place… do we really have nobody to go out with? nobody to take a picture of us?  is it really that risky to lend your very expensive phone for four seconds to a total stranger so that he/she can take a picture of you and then post it in Tumbler, Instagram, Twiter, Facebook?

We live in a sad world…

People take Selfies

I use Henries



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