Wrong again by the looks of it

Well…it has been quite a while, hasn’t it?

IMG-20141101-WA011 - copia - copia

You, reader, might not have noticed it but I have.

There are many reasons as to why I haven’t posted any entries, and some more as to why I’m back… well, the latter is easy to answer… an imperious need to write.

As to why I haven’t done much it is because I was consolidating relationship — and found out it was a “no go” area – I’ll get back on to that shortly.

Going out – not much to say about this.

Cooking — Well… I must say there are a few things to tell about this subject.

let’s start:

I moved house a year ago and my new kitchen doesn’t have a light where I have my magic pan and I know I should have attached a lamp of some kind to give light to whatever I’ve been cooking so that I could take pictures but there has always been something else to do and besides…. that boyfriend of mine was no good for my cooking inspiration… he was, and yes, I said was as in he is now an Xboyfriend, he was a Spanish thing and set in his old ways.. of arroz al horno, paella which he couldn’t make anyway, and macarroni and bolonaise sauce with tetra brick tomato sauce…

Every time he was around when I was cooking it was like… “and what’s that?”.. or.. “oh! did you get that from the garden?  are you going to put that in the food?”  “oh my God! what have I done to deserve this?”

Worst of all… is that when he used the stove, he didn’t clean it when he finished doing his bit of predictive cooking.

Now on to the X…

  • I had to tell him to have a shower
  • I had to tell him to help around the house
  • He wouldn’t come with me to the woods and when he did it was whinge, complain, whinge… whinge, whinge
  • He liked sofas too much
  • He preferred watching football to having sex
  • He loved sleeping and doing nothing
  • He complained about the dogs
  • He complained about the birds
  • He complained about my daughter…. (forgot the golden rule= other people’s babies are untouchable as they’ll always come first)
  • He didn’t help around the house
  • He didn’t like paying for a cleaning lady when I got a job and couldn’t do everything
  • He didn’t buy me things
  • He didn’t take me out anywhere special
  • He didn’t take me to the cinema
  • He criticised my friends
  • He didn’t make an effort to socialise with my friends
  • He actually controlled who my daughter chatted to by checking on her twitter and instragram accounts…(that’s because one day she used his phone and instead of deleting her account, he kept looking at it)
  • He complained when I bought myself things with the money I earned
  • He watched porn but then didn’t want to have sex in the woods or do anything different (what’s the use of theory if you don’t practice it?)
  • He hid the TV remote control and pretended he didn’t know where it was so that he could watch football on TV….. how childish can one be?
  • And he was a racist…. gosh!  At first I thought it was a joke but no.. it turned out to be true.. and his daughter is even worse… real bad… she actually chocked when one day I told her the meat she’d just said she liked to much was actually from a Muslim butcher’s!
  • And last but not least…. reaching the end of this relationship… almost a year after moving in this new house, he actually did two very bad things… One was towering over me and take my arm to stop me hanging the washing after I told him off for not helping and the second one was blocking my way to the door and towering over me in a threatening way when I was going to the shop to replace the cheese my daughter had so maliciously taken (according to him, of course) from the fridge… definitely a no go area….

Well, this relationship finished before Xmas and my daughter and I were actually relieved.

Now I have a Thermomix.. it’s an old one but for now I don’t care…



best of all….

I’ve bought a little light from Ikea so that I can point the light to my cooking….

I would like to find a boyfriend who…

  • is clean and like having showers and baths with me
  • helps around the house
  • would come with me to the woods and enjoy the walk and the company
  • likes doing things
  • has hobbies
  • prefers sex to football
  • likes the dogs
  • likes the birds
  • doesn’t say anything bad about my daughter
  • doesn’t mind paying for house assistance
  • financially helps with the expenses
  • buys me me nice things
  • takes me out somewhere special
  • takes me away on holidays
  • takes me to the cinema
  • is friendly with my friends
  • doesn’t want to control everything
  • is happy when I buy myself things
  • who watches porn and practices it with me
  • doesn’t care about TV much
  • is not racist
  • strong but not threatening
  • with a little beard wouldn’t go amiss….

I don’t want another Spanish man… but Spain is full of those things!  damn!


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