Life at almost 50

Well I’m almost fifty and what do I have to my name?

  • my two kids
  • my live-in boyfriend sometimes called husband, hubby, or my new husband among other loving names
  • my two dogs
  • my two cockatails
  • my four fish
  • my life
  • my spirit
  • my drive
  • my music… (well, not mine really, but who’s going to know!)
  • my stories…. (those are mine mine)
  • my blogs (those are mine too)
  • my magic pan
  • my strange cooking… (my son says my food looks weird and doesn’t look like what it’s supposed to look like but that it is always good. (my last cake looked like a big lump of paté, a mixture of brown and pink beige … but gosh it was gorgeous.)

pate cake I haven’t posted much in a while…. I’ve been busy being in love and getting used to married life once again with new commitments and new family gatherings and get togethers…I’ve even managed to file my new sister in law in the “TOXIC” folder.  The rest of the new family is great, thanks God! I’ve moved houses, well, we’ve moved houses and it’s a nicer here.  The only bad thing is that I don’t have a light over my magic pan but that will eventually get sorted. The Xmas tree is up… and it’s a new Xmas for me…and if I give it a bit more thought, it’s a new Xmas for everyone too… I’m sure that you too have had some changes in your life this year and if you feel you haven’t had any changes… just look at your skin and if it hasn’t aged, tell me your secret. I am not doing much cooking lately, just basic things because I’ve cut my right index finger with the scissors when I was cutting up the boxes from the move… so now I’m forced to to keep still as much as I can.  Typing is a nightmare! 7 hidden stitches7 stitches Merry Xmas to you all may good food always accompany you may you always enjoy good company to share it with and may you always be happy cooking I leave you with this wonderful Xmas play list I found in youtube,  sadly, it will only be available till January due to stinky copyrights issues.


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