Esgarraet (Typical from Valencia)

The word “esgarraet” comes from the Valencian word: “esgarrar” which means ” to tear” and this is what you do with this food in order to prepare it.  As usual I used the fast version but some people spend hours with this… The result, is the same with the difference that you have more time on your hands.

This is a perfect entree for a dinner date…. you can feed each other bit of this “esgarraet” on small slices of bread.

Get some cod, not the salted one.  In Spain it comes in small packets but if you get the salted kind, you’ll have to desalt it by having it in water for at least 12 hours and changing the water frequently…

I used the easy way… This is the little bar or cod and the strands I tore from it.


I tore the whole little bar


Then.. the traditional way is to bake red peppers in the oven and then peel them and tear them.

I opened a jar of “pimientos piquillos” which is exactly the same thing but from a shop.


I cheated and cut hem up with scissors and put them on top of the cod.


Then I got some garlic cloves


Peeled them and chopped them up as finely as I could.  I recommend using some gloves for that.. my hands ended up stinking of garlic!


Add the garlic to the hip of stuff


Mix well


Add lots of olive oil


Cover the whole thing with olive oil and put it in the fridge if you’re going to use it the following day.


This is served with plenty of bread… and can be made well in advance… there is only one problem with this; it’s very moreish….you can never stop eating this stuff.



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