Chocolate Strawberries set in Cream

This might seem complicated but it’s not… perfect for a dinner date where the opportunity of feeding each other is just there

Get some Strawberries, wash them and let them dry


Put chocolate in a glass, (70%)  then add some butter (20%)  till you almost fill the whole glass.  Add a bit of water and warm that up in the microwave.

It looks this disgusting when you get it out but don’t worry


Mix it well with a small fork


If it’s still too hot for dipping, just put it in the fridge for a bit till it thickens.

While it cools down, get an empty box of whatever you have at hand and make some holes with the e tip of a toothpick


Get a strawberry and stick a toothpick at the bottom


Dip it in the chocolate


Get the whole strawberry covered


Put the strawberry on the box, start at the end of the box so that you can put your hand inside and position the toothpick with the strawberry.


When you’re done with all the strawberries, get some caster sugar and sprinkle some all over them with the help of a sieve and a little spoon.


Snowy Strawberries


Prepare some whipped cream (mixing in some caster sugar)


When you’re ready for your desserts, then just put a blob of cream in a plate and some strawberries around it.  You can add some walnuts on top the cream.  This would have looked good in a dessert cup but I don’t have any.


The good thing about this is that you can prepare almost everything the day before..

And this dessert is specially good when you make it because there is a lot of finger liking so I guess that another idea would be to get your date to help with this dessert….


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