Dinner Date and Menu


ohhhh I’m so excited…  sod dating sites.. but up to a point because I met my matchmaker through a dating site!

I had met my matchmaker about a year ago, no chemistry there at all but a great friendship emerged out of that.

A few months ago, my matchmaker introduced me to his friend and this friend’s brother at one of the picnics I usually go to. Then I met him again when we all decided to go and visit a common friend we knew through a whatsapp group this matchmaker had set up months and months ago and where we had all been chatting to each other every day.

Well, last weekend, the matchmaker had another move in his game of chess… his previous move by the way had been was setting up or matchmaking one of his friends to the girl we had gone to visit.

This move was a dinner at his house were we all met up: the girl, the two brothers, (one of them tied up with the girl now), my match maker, me and a couple the matchmaker had previously  helped set up.

I was made to sit next to the spare brother who I liked even more on sight than I had liked him before..  he fed me morsels of food … putting “esgarraet” on a slice of bread and I let myself be fed by him and I even asked him to feed me.. and I also offered to put something else from the table on to his plate.. ohhhhh sweet!

The dinner party finished late, about 4 in he morning.  The two brothers left with the girl and I stayed at my matchmaker’s house and slept in a spare room with my daughter… I had been drinking at dinner.  I don’t do drinking and driving.

The following morning, my matchmaker and I talked about the spare brother and when I told him I liked him, he said it was actually noticeable so he suggested I called him and invited him for lunch or something.

I swear I wouldn’t have called unless he had suggested it..

So I called.. he couldn’t come for lunch that day but we arranged to meet this Friday for dinner, hence the dinner date.

The Menu:

  1. Cheese and pineapple nibbles
  2. Mixed nuts
  3. Crisps
  4. Parma Ham
  5. Estola wine (not the best one but ok)
  6. Green Salad

I will post all the above recipes except the mash potato as this one is posted here somewhere.


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