Spain is going down the drain and so is Europe

unemployment europe

What a shit country I live in.. full of corrupt politicians… people say Spain is a civilized country, a country part of the developed world, not part of the underdeveloped world.  Spain is not supposed to be a third world country but it is; sad to say but it is. To tell the truth, the only difference between uncivilized countries and this one, is that we have a bus and a train service and I wonder for how long at that.

Cyprus is owned by the Russians, the Russians are owned by the Chinese… Soon Spain will be owned by either the Germans or the Russians in conjunction with the Chinese.  I’m no racist…. There’s nothing wrong with other people or other countries  This is money talk, and I just wonder where or how we will all end up in this Europe full of fat people, fat at the expense of the people who have nothing to take to their mouths.

Fighting for the power… yes.. power over what?  soon there will be nothing to fight over for  and I wonder who will pick up the pieces; will there be enough people to pick up the pieces?   Suicides are part of the news now, not to mention a general aggressiveness all around and Oh! let’s not forget about this chronic pessimism that is affecting the population. Fear is another word that comes to mind.

About 30% of the country is unemployed… that’s a nice figure…. well, that’s almost half the population in Spain.  So who’s working?   government officials, doctors and teachers… and guess who goes on strike at every chance they have?  Yes.. state school teachers… and they specially love doing that more often when the end of the year is near… , to me, that’s basically saying to kids: “We really don’t care about your education,fend for yourselves!” That’s why I’m taking my daughter to a private school that I can no longer afford. My kid’s school doesn’t go on strike, they make students work, they pay attention to their behaviour and call you up if there is anything wrong.  They charge you to care, maybe, but the care is there.  Governments charge everyone with tax for their schools but the care and the dedication is not there most of the time.

If things carry on like this I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

This is how bad things are: I finally got calls answering an advert where I was looking for a salesman. I’ve been getting all sorts of people asking for a job.. I even got a few phone calls from professional salesmen.. (those are the ones I want, older, poised, confident, witty and clever) and a couple of those are actually interested in the post in spite or having to work on a commission basis.  I still have to interview them.

Cuts! Cuts! Cuts! that’s all we all hear about in the news… and guess what, it took one young 28 year old guy to go against the lot and tell the big fat boys that they are all wrong

Look, well, Clik on this link and see for yourself:

 Meet the 28 Year Old Grad Student Who Just Shook the Global Austerity Movement

So what’s for dinner tonight?

Shit all for a lot of people!

unemployment - looking for food


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