30 things you can do with a belly button – Fun Recipe


Belly buttons are an absolutely wonderful invention.  Not only it’s what physically connected you with your maker but its something that can be frozen and then eventually be used for repairing some serious health problems in case of dear need: and who knows…perhaps enable us to have little clones of ourselves running about in the distant  future… this second thought is not actually very appealing to me to tell the truth.

I find more appealing thinking about things one can actually do with a belly button.

So.. What can you do with a belly button?

Let me see how many things I can come up with:

  1. The easiest is looking at it through a t-shirt or even better, a shirt.
  2. Try to guess what shape it is.  Whether it’s deep, rolled up, protuberant or whether it’s tiny weeny, wide, oval or a perfect circle.
  3.  Touch it through clothes and see the owner’s reaction.
  4. Slowly lift the owner’s clothes and have an actual look at it;  find out whether your were right or wrong.
  5. Circle it with the tip of your finger.
  6. Breathe softly around it and in it and see what happens.
  7. Lick it with the tip of your tongue, probing and checking out all the crevices.
  8. Give it butterfly kisses… you know how… bat your eyelashes on it.
  9. Put your nose in it and smell it, breathe in and out and see the reaction.
  10. Suck it and if all is OK with the owner, then proceed onward with more ideas.
  11. Get some oil and massage lightly around the actual hole with circular movements, use your fingers for that. Two hands, better than one.
  12. Gulp some wine in, don’t swallow all of it; leave some in your mouth and pour it in the belly button.
  13. Drink some wine from the belly button.
  14. Pour some fizzy drink directly from the bottle or a can and watch the bubbles fizz out. Champagne would be the best bet or at least my choice of fizzy drink for that.
  15. Ice-cream… get your favorite flavor ice cream, put some on the tip of you tongue and quickly transfer that to the belly button.
  16. Cover the belly button in question with ice cream  spread it around the hole with your tongue and then lick it all off.
  17. Another idea, since I like cooking, could be making some dough and making some belly button shaped biscuits, using the actual belly button hole as a mold   Do not put the owner in the oven please, this is just to get the shape of the mold; you can put the little shaped biscuits in the oven later if you remember, of course.
  18. Get some chocolate chips and drop them from high up.  See how many you can get inside.
  19. Get some hot and cold  liquid chocolate sauce and alternate dropping hot and cold chocolate sauce around the belly button.
  20. Push the chocolate sauce in the belly button with your tongue and drink it up.
  21. Make a Solid Clay Belly button. Get some Clay, and push it in the belly button.  Wait for it to dry and gently get it out.
  22. Make a belly button thimble. Just fill the belly button with some clay, then put your finger in it to make a hole and remove the excess clay.  Let it dry and get it out.  There is your clay thimble.
  23. You can play around with whipped cream and a belly button, but that would just be too predictive… how about rubbing it with a sexy part of the body?  That would be predictive too, wouldn’t it.. Let me see…. How about placing a speaker on top of the belly button and turning the volume of the music up?  making it feel the vibrations would be fun.
  24. Put some play dough inside the belly button and place a candle in the middle.  Light it and sing happy birthday.
  25. Get some non toxic glue and stick some precious stones around the belly button.
  26. Get a permanent felt pen and tattoo the area around the belly button.
  27. Get a razor and scare the daylights of the belly button’s owner
  28. Get a sponge soaked in water and use your mouth to hold on to the sponge.  Wash the belly button thoroughly.
  29. Get your hair in the belly button.  If you don’t have hair, use a wig or a mop.
  30. On International Tree Day, get some soil, put it in the belly button and either plant a seed and watch it grow or just plant a sapling and pretend.


Any other suggestions?


14 responses to “30 things you can do with a belly button – Fun Recipe

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  2. if you are interested in experimenting with some ones belly button who will actually let you own her belly button iam your girl you can do whatever you want to it ill even sign a contract saying that you own my belly button so you can do anything to it i promise and i wont yell scream or cry or moan or push your hand away or tell you to stop alls i ask is you do not hurt my insides or kill me i will even allow you to put a gps tracking device in my belly button and a micro chip implant in it if you are interested please write to me at 52 south grove street augusta maine 04330 and ill write back dont come over though well meet somewhere i explain more if you write me look forward to it

  3. You okay, dude?

  4. I love belly buttons

  5. Bellybuttonfettish123

    I’ve tried most these tips and I’m very dissatisfied with the outcomes. I tried to make a cake in my navel but in order for it to work I would have to put myself in the oven and I’m not risking that. I also tried to smell a stranger’s navel and they didn’t find it quite appealing seeing that they proceeded to kick my in groin area, but not directly on my genetalia and have a restraining order placed against me. So I strongly suggest that these “fun” tips are reviewed and changed.

    • LOL….
      gosh… you should try cleaning your nose and not smoking for at least a year before you actually attempt to smell a stranger’s belly button…. one trick is to work as a sales assistant in a clothes shop…. “let me button that up for you” works a trick! as you bend down to do the button up… you can delicately pass the area where the belly button lives and then… sniff away!

      there’s no need to be aggressive!

  6. Wow! How cool are u? Can’t find many ladys that are into the belly button play or have that fetish! I have enjoyed girls navels since I was a young boy!! How about u? How did it begin for you? Please share?! Sweet navel button love…….

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