Turkey Quiche

This was a small quiche… I love quiches, easy to make and you can have them with just about any filling you like.

I started with 100 gr of flour:

2013-01-09 19.50.47

I added 50 grams of butter (chopped up)

2013-01-09 19.53.37

I added Salt,  Oregano and Parsley

2013-01-09 19.55.53

Mixed it all with my fingers.  Integrating the butter the flour

2013-01-09 19.56.53

Then I added about 50 ml of water

2013-01-09 19.58.04

and mixed it all

2013-01-09 19.58.48

Formed a flat ball with the dough

2013-01-09 20.07.05

Sprinkled some flour on top

2013-01-09 20.12.43

and flattened it completely

2013-01-09 20.16.18

I put that in a baking tray (coated with special ovenproof paper)

2013-01-09 20.16.57

Cut out the excess

2013-01-09 20.17.49

Prickled the base with a fork

2013-01-09 20.18.24

And put it in the oven for about 5 minutes whilst I prepared the filling

2013-01-09 20.19.42

I grated some cheese:

2013-01-09 20.22.58

I beat a couple of eggs with cream

2013-01-09 20.26.56

Chopped up some turkey

2013-01-09 20.35.01

I took the base out of the quiche

2013-01-09 20.32.55

filled it with the turkey

2013-01-09 20.35.51

Added the beaten eggs and cream

2013-01-09 20.36.25

Covered that with grated cheese

2013-01-09 20.37.09

Then with the bits of dough I had cut out, I made some strips and placed them on the quiche

2013-01-09 20.39.38

Placed that in the oven

2013-01-09 20.53.13

and when it looked ready, I took it out.


2013-01-09 21.00.25

and ate it

2013-01-09 21.18.41



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