Creamy Apple Cake

This one is weird and I think totally foolproof as I realised I had  forgotten to add the eggs only after I had placed the dough in the baking tray… I had to put everything back in the blender, get the eggs in, wash the apples and carry on as if nothing had happened and the cake was fabulous

Here are the steps (remembering the eggs, of course)

Cut up in chunks two and a half big apples, skin included


Put them in the blender


Add 10 spoonfuls of sugar and blend away


Add 9 spoonfuls of milk and 9 of Oil ad carry on blending


Add flour (9 spoonfuls of it) and baking powder (15 grams or about a table spoon of it)



Now…. add the eggs: (2 eggs)


Blend away and put in a baking tray




Now you slice up the bit of apple you had left into thin thin slices and cover the top of the cake


Here is the cake, baked… but we’re not finished here


Before it cools down, cover it with some apricot or peach marmalade… (I  didn’t have a lot of marmalade left in the jar, so I mixed the marmalade with some water….


The weird thing is that the cake looks a bit like flan but it’s not flan… it’s weird and in spite of the weird texture, I actually liked it…. I don’t like flans… you won’t be seeing any flan recipes here


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