A present for you

This is something I’ve put together just for you people, as I’m sure most of you haven’t even heard of Fallas until now unless, of course, you’ve been to Valencia or have a relative who lives here and has told you about this particular folkloric event which is in fact the welcoming of Spring, a pagan rite that has been adapted to Christianity… but who cares where this came from, really?  It’s here and it’s great!

Fallas is just absolutely brilliant, I’d say even better than Xmas.  The only drawback is that the city itself has most of the roads, except the main arteries, blocked to traffic from the second week of march as there are all these preparations to be made.  There are Mascletás (a huge display of firepower and gunpowder everyday at two in the afternoon (lunch time, over here).  Gunpowder can be smelt all over the city on the last week as all the other Fallas have “Mascletás” too.    This is the only time in the year where Valencia City belongs to pedestrians!

All this European Union normative on the usage  of gunpowde and kids handling petards is absolutely nonsense here… Police made a show of fining a few people but nobody paid any attention to kids throwing petards… that’s normal here.  I think most Valencian kids are born with a bag of gunpowder under their arm.

The artistic work is spectacular and unknown to a lot of people, Fallas monuments are not only exhibited at Fallas. Some these workshops make sculptures for different kind of companies all over the world. Usually for advertising purposes.

I hope you enjoy the video.


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