Spanish Omelette with Morcilla and Chard

I suppose you could make this with Spinach too.  I used Chard.

First lightly fry up some chopped onion (in olive oil, of course)


Then lightly fry some potatoes in thin chunks


Then get your “morcilla” (Black sausage)


And cut it all up in bits.  Remove the skin.


And add that to the pan and carry on frying/cooking a bit more.


Then get your chard or spinach if you’re using that:


And chop it up


Put the chopped bits in the pan (do not add those end bits – they’re too hard)


And carry on cooking while you get going with some eggs; put them in a bowl and add some baking powder to them (and salt too):


Beat the egg and add all the stuff that is in the pan


Mix well and put back in the pan.  Don’t forget to put some olive oil in the pan first and wait till it’s hottish.


Low heat.  When you think t’s ready on one side, just flip it over, add some olive oil again in the pan and put the omellete the other way round in the pan till its ready.

Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it on the plate. I just got on to taking it to the table and eating it.   This turned out to be surprisingly delicious.


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