My daughter’s second steps in the kitchen

She used to help with cakes, with cooking and was interested in the preparations and the end result of the effort of cooking.  She loved stirring, mixing, slicing, chopping, kneading, glazing, painting (also the walls in the house) but now under the influence of adolescence, she can’t even get her plate to the kitchen or keep her room tidy, never mind cooking.

But the other day, the “grown up cloud” hovered over her and she said she wanted to make dinner.

Here is what she made.

She cut some cheese into bits and then some pineapple in small chunks.

She put them together through a toothpick.  The cheese at the bottom.

2013-01-07 23.10.12

Since she’s colour conscious, she decided that that was a pretty boring presentation for her dinner so she added some parma ham.

2013-01-07 23.05.54

This picture is taken from above the plate but somehow it looks a bit like Dali’s clock.

2013-01-07 23.05.44

We had that with “sobrasada”, fresh made bread, chorizo, fuet and crisps.. A nice snaky dinner


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