Has it been so long?

Yes it has been that long, at least three weeks since I last wrote anything here… My excuse?  I’ve been busy as hell lately so busy that last Saturday I went to bed at 2130 and got up the following day at 1030!  I needed that sleep..

Many things have happened…

The Malta thing for a start has been driving me nuts as well as my friends relationship with that “girl”, the mails she has sent!!!  guilt trips and all that….but enough of that… the whole thing has gone down the drain completely, “the girl” was supposed to be in charge as my friend no longer felt able to carry on but she hasn’t answered my last question regarding the blog…  I will carry on writing in the Malta blog now and again though, and only because I like it, till I run out of pictures.

Another thing that has happened is that I asked for a miracle and I got one and almost immediately.. My daughter and I were freezing in our house, hands literally purple and sleeping with 2 quilts,  3 blankets,  warm pajamas and even a hat on hahah Yes.. a lovely sight…The miracle was that I asked my landlord if I could have one of those wood burners installed in the house and he said yes so I asked in facebook for my miracle.. I asked if anyone would give me a wood burner and the following day a friend called me up telling me he had a spare one in his garden..

Within two weeks I had my wood burner (I had to recruit people to help bring it to my house) and then I had to recruit more help to have the tubes installed and the hole made…the pay back: a barbecue to celebrate and say thanks.


We’ve been nice and warm for the last 2 weeks and gosh it feels great!

I know that asking for a Jaguar XKR would be too much to ask for so I’ll stick to asking for basic necessities.

I have also been helping a couple of people with the setting up of a blog and teaching them how to place adverts so that they can generate business their way.

I’ve also been seeing a new way of making money through selling telecommunications.  I’m not to sure about this requires time for a start and I don’t have much of hat lately and I’m a bit skeptical about pyramidal selling  or as they like to call it: multilevel marketing.  New names for the same wolves.

I’ve also managed to get a date in between all this.  A guy who seemed ok on the phone, according to his profile 51 years old, but then he turned out to be 60!  He talked about energies and all that stuff and I even went to see him in Onteniente, a place I had lived when I was little.  I didn’t stay the night and I didn’t even let him take my hand… all this talk of energies and he didn’t seem to see that with reference to energies, we’re quite the opposite and that’s not the worst part…

He talked about tantric sex.. AH!!! He basically can’t get it up by the looks of it… he was saying that tantric sex is spending time having sex, slow and very slow without actually ejaculating…. gosh!

The worst part is that I suspect he is in a sect…so most definitely a no no no no no go area.  He had the most unnerving clear bright blue eyes!

What else has been hapening?  not much worth mentioning except that I’ve been taking pictures of food I’ve been making but I’ve had not time to get down to writing them down.








I’ve also had a date…


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