Oh! Shit! Malta is off

I knew it anyway… I knew it would have to come down to this in the end and all because of that famous “girl” I mentioned in my previous posts…

What’s worse than that is that I feel sorry for my friend, I just can’t understand why he can’t see things and lets himself be entangled and drawn into the stupid jealousy game she’s playing.

That “girl” keeps going on about me to him, again telling him she’s all upset and hurt because I blocked her from facebook and so on…… putting him in such a position that in the end he might even end the friendship..He has asked me not use the flight tickets unless I intended to do some couchsurfing.  Meaning that my daughter and I would not be able to stay at his house.

I have no money so no way I’m going there…That would mean a lot of expenses which I just cannot afford.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

That girl cannot understand that I wasn’t interested in my friend as a boyfriend or as a fuck body, no…. I want my friend as a friend, I value that friendship.

He’s under a massive guilt trip.. she’s obviousl been going on about how horrible he’s been to her so now he’s all guilt, guilt, guilt…  That girl is going to squeeze that lemon and grind it till there is nothing left for him to do but comply to absolutely everything she says and become a puppet.

Oh, well… I’m not going to wish her ill… no… she’ll get that all on her own…

I do wish my friend happiness and a clear mind which up to now had never failed him.

I was actually looking forward to going to Malta not only to see my friend but to see the other people I know there and also to see that lovely pilot, I was specially looking forward to seeing the pilot again….I like him very much.

oh, well, that’s not going to happen now.


The only good thing about this is that I won’t have to be nice to her as I won’t be seeing her.  Good!


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