Followers and St Valentines

I’ve had a couple of extremely busy weeks but I had time for chatting with my new friend “the pilot” I met back in Malta… in fact I quite like him. He’s got strange schedules that can be compared to mine so it’s been a constant intermittent chat.

Anyway, It’s St Valentine’s today and thanks to a friend who was feeling sorry for herself saying that she would place an ice-cream in front of her and pretend it was someone melting for her, I decided to make a beautiful Valentine’s card in the shape of a video for her and for me, and since I’m at it, then it’s for all of you followers and readers too.

It’s a soggy lovy dovy silly St Valentine’s card, right?  I hope you liked it.

I actually got my first real st valentine’s card today… Miracles do happen!

Thanks for following.


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