My ducky neighbour

Last summer, I think I mentioned this somewhere here before, my musical neighbour found a duck in the street and called me to rescue it (he’s a scardy cat!).  Anyway, I caught the duck with the help of another neighbour and found the owner of the duck.

After that, every time I saw the duck neighbour in the street, he stopped to say hi and ask how I was.

Last Friday I saw him by the rubbish container with a wheelbarrow full of dry branches… I asked him if he was going to throw that away as I would like to use it for the barbecue…He told me that those branches were no good as the smoke would make me feel dizzy and we carried on talking so  invited him for a coffee and a chat.

Later in the afternoon, he came with a box of oranges and a whole load of chard (acelgas).  They’re like spinach but lighter and longer.

so in the evening, I made a spanish omelette with chard and passed him half of it.    He said it was nice and to tell the truth, it was nice!

Yesterday he came along and asked me if I used lemons… I didn’t tell him I pinched them from my back neighbour when I needed one so I told him that I used them sometimes and then he said he would come with some lemons…


veg from neighbour 2 veg from neighbour 1


According to him I have no chance of finding a decent boyfriend, apparently all the good guys are taken and the ones that aren’t are quite happy to satisfy their sexual needs with a prostitute…..

Maybe the idea of setting up a brothel is not such a bad idea after all.  There might be no money to go around but guys seem ok with parting with their money in exchange of sex hahaha




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