Arroz con Acelgas (Rice and Chard soup)

This is one of my favorite dishes.. I can have two whole dishes of that in one sitting…  it’s absolutely delicious but it does require a bit of work though but well worth it as you can make more and just freeze it.

First you fry up some bread with a couple of garlic cloves in olive oil.


You take that out and put it in a mortar. Squash with a pestle


Fry up some onion and some tomato


Add a bit of pimenton (paprika) and salt and fry up


Once that’s done, remove 80% of it from the pan and add it to the mortar and squash


Add some chopped up potato (in small dice) and fry up a bit


Then some chicken.  (the chicken is not actually part of this recipe but I like it with chicken).  Fry the chicken a bit.


Add some more salt and more pimentón


Then add the chard (Acelgas)


Mix it all and add some water, don’t just cover that, add a bit more.


Get back to that mortar and squash everything with the pestle


Then get a small jar of precooked white beans and put 25% of it in the mortar and squash


Your broth is ready


Take the chicken out and put it on a plate


Take a soup ladle of broth and add it to the mortar and squash everything


Add the remaining beans of the jar in the pan and cook while you prepare the rest


The chicken, you tear it and cut it in small bits.


This is the mixture in the mortar once mashed up


Add that mixture into the pan with the broth


Then add the cut up chicken


Now it’s all read to make soup.  Now, here there is a lot of broth, so what I do, is take some out and freeze it for next time.  That way, all I have to do is add rice and a bit of salt.


Now you get some rice.  Remember this is rice soup so there shouldn’t be too much rice in it, just enough to find rice in the soup.  Add the rice in the pan and cook till soft or to your taste. (I don’t recommend freezing the soup with rice in it)


This is it:

IMG_2747 IMG_2748

It’s really worth the effort and the good thing is that you can freeze that broth so next time you want some of that, all you have to do is defrost, put it in the pan, warm up, add a bit of rice and in ten minutes you’ve got lunch ready.


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