Kika Soup or Alien Tentacles Soup

I called this soup the Kika Soup after I saw it in a film about a German girl who is a witch, “Kika” .  I liked the color so I made it up the day after I’d seen the film.

I also call it the Alien Tentacles Soup because it looks as if the soup is filled with alien tentacles.

We start by frying up a bit of chopped onion in olive oil. (always use olive oil)

2013-01-21 21.10.16

Then add a couple of thin carrots (nicely sliced up)

2013-01-21 21.13.10

And then add some chopped up potato

2013-01-21 21.16.48

Then you get those beautiful cabbage leaves and wash them (I only used 3)

2013-01-21 21.18.23

Nice and alien green

2013-01-21 21.18.34

Cut those in thin stripes

2013-01-21 21.21.43

and leave these (below) out of the cooking pot…

2013-01-21 21.22.10

Add the strips to the pan

2013-01-21 21.22.35

Mix it all

2013-01-21 21.24.56

and then add a bit of tomato all chopped up

2013-01-21 21.25.16

Now onto the spices: parsley, Nutmeg, salt

2013-01-21 21.26.16

and some Pimentón Picante (hot paprika)

2013-01-21 21.28.01

2013-01-21 21.30.28

and then you add some water to cover it all

2013-01-21 21.31.05

I cooked it for about 8 minutes in my magic pan. You will probably have to let it simmer for about half an hour.

This is the result.

2013-01-21 21.57.06  2013-01-21 21.57.24

This is very nice with a slice of brown bread covered in butter.


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