Cold Remedy

I have “vitiligo”, that is basically lack of pigmentation which actually means that I’m turning into a dalmatian… I have no problem with that but my doctor seemed to have one so she sent me to phototherapy which I have a problem with as I cannot take any medication for anything at all, not even vitamin C!    The only thing I’m allowed to take is paracetamol and lately, with these changes of temperatures I keep getting colds so this is my remedy.

2013-01-22 21.37.02


  • Mandarin and orange juice
  • Hot tea
  • A lot of whisky 
  • A paracetamol
  • A hot water bottle (this last bit can be changed by a hot lover and lots of sex)

Some people swear by the honey and lemon thing, but really, that lemon thing is to acid for me and I’d have to use the whole jar of honey… I have a sweet tooth and the whisky ensures I go to sleep and leave my nose alone.


4 responses to “Cold Remedy

  1. Hi there, I have vitiligo too. How has the light therapy worked out for you?

    • Hi there Arunagee!

      that light therapy is working… yes.. slowly but it’s working…
      My arms are getting little light brownish freckles that are getting bigger and my upper chest is almost even coloured.

      I’ve been having that phototherapy since last October and since I’m quite fair skinned I have to have very low intensity ad short tim which has gradually been going up.

      I don’t know about the intensity of the light but I now stay in the box for 3 minutes twice a week.

      The dermatologist had said when I first went there for treatment that I had a chance of recovery since my vitiligo had quite suddenly appeared that same year.

      All I have to do is make sure I have sun protection at all times and apply it frequently even in winter or in the shade.

      Are you having phototherapy too?

      • Hello! I’m so glad to hear it’s working 🙂 Wow, sounds like the procedure is quite involved but worth it.

        That’s how my vitiligo repigments too! I’m not doing light therapy, but I think my vitiligo is directly linked to my sleeping habits. When I sleep more it repigments and when I sleep too little it grows.

        Apparently there’s also a new procedure called Melanocyte Transplantation. Have you heard of it?

  2. sleeping pattern? wow! that’s interesting…. so… you’re a real livng sleeping beauty then! Great! I hope you have a prince near you : )

    I’ve read about that Melancoyte transplanation but to tell the truth, anything that is not translplanting plants from one pot to the other, unless it’s complete emergency, is too scary an idea for me… I’d rather stay as a dalmatian than have a transplant.

    I think this might be genetic… a couple of my cousins had it years ago when they were teenagers but they don’t have it any more … to tell the truth, I never asked them if the had had treatment.

    when it first came out, about 18 years ago, I only had a couple of white stains under my arms and the dermatologist that treated then me gave some concoction and told me to apply it and expose the are to the sun. The result was third degree burns…lovely! so I decided that it was better to live with the stains than become a living barbecue…being a sleeping beauty is much better….

    Nothing else grew till last year.. it was like a fireworks explosion! white bits everywhere except on my face for some reason….I only went to the dermatologist because people got me worried about it…. Doctors had me have a thyroids test… AH! of course I didn’t have thyroid, I’ll be dying from a stroke, like the rest of my family….My uncle died at the bakery… I want to die like this.

    have fun beautiful sleeping beauty. I’ve been at your blog and its great, I love that wig thing you wrote…. Love wigs!

    …. I’m a secret writer and a secret reader.

    hugs from Valencia

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