Ginger Bolonaise with leftovers

Me and my leftovers… I’m not into wasting lately, no.

I had tomato sauce and pasta so

In olive oil, I fried some chopped up onion

2013-01-19 09.56.39

ThenI added half a pack of turkey and chicken mince meat

2013-01-19 09.57.23

And fried it too

2013-01-19 09.58.09

Then I added, cinnamon (of course), parsley, nutmeg, a bit of salt and a couple of slices of fresh ginger.

2013-01-19 10.03.37

See? all in the pan

2013-01-19 10.04.42

Then I chopped up a bit of courgette (with bits of skin on)

2013-01-19 10.06.57

And put it all in the pan and left it to cook there for a few minutes

2013-01-19 10.07.15

Then I added the tomato sauce I had left and since I didn’t have much of it, I added a bit of water.

2013-01-19 10.12.36

I closed my magic pan and left all that in there for about 4 minutes.  If you don’t have a magic pan, then leave it longer until it looks like this:

2013-01-19 13.19.27

Then I got my left over pasta in a bowl

2013-01-19 13.19.36

and poured the bolonaise on top.

2013-01-19 13.20.37

Easy. Right?


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