Patatas Riojanas con Alubias – Riojanas with white beans

I love this dish… It’s really simple to make,  it tastes really good and best of all it’s very cheap.  The original version doesn’t include white beans but I added them as I had a jar that had already been opened and I had to use that.

First of all, chop some onion and put that in the pan, fry that with olive oil (always use olive oil) and add a few slices of red or green pepper, whatever you have at hand.

2012-12-09 00.27.43

While that gets done a bit, slice some chorizo and then add it to the pan.

2012-12-09 00.31.42

Chop some potatoes into medium sized chunks and add them to the pan.

2012-12-09 00.36.01

Mix and stir

2012-12-09 00.39.08

Add some salt and some parsley, I used fresh parsley but you can use the supermarket stuff.

2012-12-09 00.39.51

Then you add the precooked white beans from the jar  (you can skip this step if you’d like to just stick to the original recipe)

2012-12-09 00.41.19

Add some water to cover it all-

2012-12-09 00.43.00


2012-12-09 00.44.06

In my case I closed my pan and left it there for 8 minutes.  If you don’t have a magic pan like mine, then half cover it and simmer for about 30 minutes.

2012-12-09 00.44.39

Ready to eat:

2012-12-09 09.08.40

Some people like it really chorizy, I just like it slightly flavored so I don’t put much chorizo in this dish, just enough to give it some color and some taste.  I just love potatoes!

Oh! and one more thing.. they’re no called Patatas a la Riojana just for fun, Rioja is a place in Spain.  You might not know the place or where it is exactly but I bet you’ve had some Rioja wine at some point in your life and if you  haven’t, then.. What are you waiting for?  Get some of that before you start making this dish.

Go on…. off you go to the shops…


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