Chicken and Wine Stew

This is very simple, I suppose you could make this with rabbit too but I like those furry creatures to much to be able to eat them unless I have no other choice and besides, rabbit is always dry…. all this lean meat… no fat in them… no good if you haven’t got a bit of fat on you.


Lett’s get going.

First you get your chicken (I got some chicken drums) and sprinkle that with sweet paprika and some salt.

2013-01-12 08.10.11 a Chicken stew with wine 1

This is the paprika I used:

2013-01-12 08.10.36 b Chicken stew with wine 2

Then you get your little drums in the pan (with olive oil, of course)

2013-01-12 08.11.07 c Chicken stew with wine 3

and fry them:

2013-01-12 08.19.05 d Chicken stew with wine 4

While that gets going, you slice up some onion and then add that to the pan:

2013-01-12 08.19.38 e Chicken stew with wine 5


Then we get a whole lot of spices: Herbes de Province, White Pepper, Parsley and Nutmeg.

2013-01-12 08.22.17 f Chicken stew with wine 6

and add that to the pan. Be generous but not overindulgent.

2013-01-12 08.23.21 g Chicken stew with wine 7

Then while that gets going for a bit, peel a few potatoes and cut them into “one bite size” and add them to the pan:

2013-01-12 08.23.36 h Chicken stew with wine 8

Stir all that for a bit:

2013-01-12 08.24.30 i Chicken stew with wine 9

Then get some flour and put that in the pan and stir to mix it all.

2013-01-12 08.24.46 j Chicken stew with wine 10

(you’ve got to be quick with the mixig, you don’t want the flour to turn brown)

2013-01-12 08.24.59 k Chicken stew with wine 11

Mixed and ready for next step

2013-01-12 08.25.32 l Chicken stew with wine 12

Then you get some peas (frozen will do) and put them in the pan

2013-01-12 08.26.00 m Chicken stew with wine 13

Then get a couple of huge spoons of red wine or 30 or 40% of a glass of red wine and pour that in the pan.

2013-01-12 08.26.45 n Chicken stew with wine 14

Then you add a bit of water:

2013-01-12 08.27.48 o Chicken stew with wine 15

Mix it all and cook.  I used my magic pan and that took about 8 minutes.  If you don’t have a magic pan, put the lid on your pan and go and dye your hair or do something…

2013-01-12 08.28.27 p Chicken stew with wine 16

And here you’ve got your drunken stew:

2013-01-12 13.54.50 q Chicken stew with wine 17               


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