What you can do with Mozart

There are many things to like about Mozart; the music, the bonbons and the liquor too…

Well, my very favorites are Mozart bonbons but since I couldn’t find any I got myself a bottle of Mozart for Xmas…and I really don’t know why I got that as it has nothing to do with the bonbons but I found a lovely way in which to drink that …. lovely indeed….

Get your Mozart out, pour it in a glass

2013-01-11 21.37.10

Put that glass in the microwave and warm it up on the verge of very very hot.

When ready,  get your whipped cream out and put some on top.

2013-01-11 21.33.49

Sprinkle some cinnamon.

2013-01-11 21.33.03

Simply enjoy.

On a musical note, I must say that my very favorite Mozart’s composition is his his Requiem, Lacrimosa… Absloutely beautiful, angelic, dream like, peaceful, overwhelming. I could listen to that all day long.


3 responses to “What you can do with Mozart

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  2. Very interesting post on Music and its relationship with the intellect, thanks darcwonn1906. : )

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