Here we are again, evaluating my life one more time.  Well, it’s not so much here “we” go but here “I” am again.  You are just reading this out of fun.  You’re not really doing the evaluation but since you’re here, you might learn something from my mistakes and you might find some interesting recipes.  I’d like to think they’re different but I don’t think there are, really; there’s not much new stuff under the sun.

I’ve got many things in my mind lately, let me see…business, money, love…   the first two are a bit difficult in this actual financial climate but the last one seems to be totally impossible and it might be the one that worries me most just because I can’t see it happening.

I went on a date last Thursday .. Well, to tell the truth, this guy doesn’t really deserve a nick name.  As soon as I saw him I decided he was not for me; too mild… and then when he told me he was a pig in the Chinese horoscope that killed all the curiosity in me but he didn’t really need to tell me he was a pig, I could see we were incompatible as soon as I set eyes on him, it was his pose, his approaching manner; definitely not an alpha male.  At lunch, it was a lunch date, it was me who had to push the boat, me who had to converse…

No hobbies.  That’s a killer!

I think I’m going to give up on dating… Guys seem nice on chat and then I get to see the real thing.  It might be the other way round too… I don’t think I’m God’s gift to men but really, I’m not that bad.  I’m just a demanding woman who will not settle for the first thing that comes along just for the sake of a fuck or a bit of company.  I want an alpha male, one who would not be intimidated, one who would do his own things and share some with me and be a good fuck too, not in bed, but some place else.

Never mind….

As to business… I’m going to have to put my turbo cap on.  I thought the Malta project was going to work but I don’t think it’s going t work anymore.  “Girl” seems to be getting in the way.  A manipulative woman that is.  I actually discovered by accident that she was subscribed to my comments on Facebook… What a cheek!  she knows me personally and she didn’t even bother to ask for friendship, she just followed me type of thing so I blocked her.


I never said anything about this to Wabbit as it had nothing to do with him according to me but according to her it has as she has told him (according to wabbit, of course) that I had blocked her and he wondered why so I told him why.  He also told me she’s told him I’d been saying bad things about him, basically bitching about him when the fact is that I’ve defended him all the way.

I really don’t  know why this woman is so scared of me… maybe if she was  cute, she’d have a reason to worry about me fancying her but she’s not cute at all, in fact, she’s actually ugly which makes me wish I was ugly, fat and really stupid;  all those girls seem to have boyfriends.

Maybe I should ask wabbit what’s wrong with me.. We’ve always been truthful to each other so I don’t see why he wouldn’t pin point my faults specially if we’re not romantically involved at all.

I’d love the Malta project to work out not only for my own sake, money sake (I’m low on income lately) but also for Wabbit.  He’s finally got something to do which is keeping him busy and knowing him, this should really work as he’s got a really big dislike for failure so for him there is no other option that being successful.

We’ll see.




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