Bream (Dorada) & Mandarin

Baked bream, steamed bream, salted bream, microwave bream… I’ve had enough of the normal stuff so I decided to try something different for dinner tonight which is not actually that different but it has the mandarin which makes is different.

Sorry about the pictures, they’re small, I uploaded them directly to picasa but they turned out to be itsy bitsy small… Never mind, the instructions are the same size.

I covered a baking tray with silver foil and put oive oil on top

2013-01-11 17.28.08

then I put some Parsley and Oregano (from a jar) on top of that,  then placed my bream on top and sprinkled some Salt, Parsley and Oregano on top.

2013-01-11 17.32.06

Then I added the juice of a few Mandarins on top. (not a lot of juice in them, they’re small things, those things)

2013-01-11 19.28.40


I closed the package and put it i the oven for a bit.

2013-01-11 17.33.07

And this is it when ready:

2013-01-11 20.58.54


I served that with some rice




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