The Thee Wise Kings, went to Bethelem to give little Baby Jesus some presents; or so the tales say…  Now, we have little Baby Jesus all over the place, male and female and these Three Immortal Wise Kings keep coming back, I think just out of confusion, to give all these little babies and not so little babies anymore some presents on Kings Day (Los Reyes, in Spanish for you).

I once started writing a story about father Xmas getting in a house but I stopped as the story was getting just too weird…. Gosh, a total stranger getting in you house!  for goodness sake!

Let’s just think about the old tales, the old traditions and leave out whether the Three Wise Kings were actually wise, were kings at all, came from orient or the far east, or even the south of Spain as it’s been also rumored   Let’s carry on thinking  that parents don’t go mad looking for toys to give to their children on that special day, let’s just carry on thinking that the Three Wise Kings exist and won’t be ousted by Father Xmas at least in Spain.

Those parades are just absolutely wonderful.  Enjoy a bit of it.

The video is not 38 minute long, it’s only about 5 minutes.  Something went wrong and I don’t feel like amending right now.



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