Venice in Valencia

I don’t usually go down to Valencia city, but the other day I went over in the evening just to see the Xmas lights with my daughter, and what a disappointment that was.

2013-01-02 18.53.09

Cuts have had an effect on the amount of Xmas decorations everywhere, even shops had adopted the “less is more” approach leaving the feeling of Xmas entirely out of the picture.

2013-01-02 18.56.57

Only the Town Council’s Square had lights and a lit Xmas tree…. that was about it.

2013-01-02 18.56.42

The place was full of people…. it was not a pleasant thing for me finding so many people in the streets but at the same time it was weird, it made me fill like a village girl!

I managed to find a parking space near the lights and my daughter and I went walkabout for a bit.  We found an unexpected shop. One that sold Venetian Carnival Masks, just by La Lonja.

2013-01-02 19.28.18

The masks are hand made and come directly from Venice.  The guy sells them mostly to tourists who know they’re not going to find anything like it anywhere else unless they go to Venice.

Apparently it’s the only shop in Spain that sells this kind of thing.  There is another one in Barcelona but according to one of his clients, it has nothing to do with this shop, it just has a few masks and some costumes. This shop here in Valencia is full of masks and funny enough they were not expensive.

I’ve lost the shop’s card and I can’t remember what the shop is called but if you come over, the shop is in a street in front of the Central Market, and parallel to La Lonja, two beautiful places worth a visit.




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