Giant Squid and White Bean Soup

Here I used two different kind of prawns or shrimps or whatever they’re called   One of them is the king prawn.


I peeled the king prawns and kept the skin.

2013-01-01 14.50.39

I ate the prawns as they came.

2013-01-01 14.50.16

I baked some bigger king prawns or Gambon and ate them.  I kept the skin and their heads, well, the lot.

2013-01-01 14.49.53


I put all the skin or shell, legs, heads, tails; well, basically everything except what I had eaten in a pan and boiled that.


2013-01-01 21.39.55

Then I drained that.

2013-01-01 21.40.42

And kept the broth.

In a magic pan I put some olive oil, some onion and some carrot and lightly fried it

2013-01-01 21.49.05


I think I might have added some green pepper, I can see some green stuff in the picture. It might be parsley.. God knows!

2013-01-01 21.54.06


Then I added the tentacles of the giant squid and some precooked white beans.

2013-01-01 21.56.48

Added the broth from the cooked skins and cooked that for about 5 minutes.

2013-01-01 21.57.38

Soup Ready:






2013-01-01 22.15.42


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