Potato and maple syrup salad

I’ve made this salad about three times and each time I made it differently.  This here is the original recipe.

Half cook some potatoes, I washed them first, them stabbed them with a knitting needle and put them in the microwave for about 10 minutes.


I took a couple of eggs and boiled them, that way they would be ready when I was ready to put them in the salad.

I took some peas out of the freezer, put them in a glass and poured boiling water from the kettle and left them there for a while.


I cut up some pepper and some onion and sliced some olives


I cut the potatoes (still warm)  in big chunks and put them in a bowl

ql4 salt

then a added everything else on top


Here are warm the boiled eggs


I chopped them before adding that to the potpourri


Looking colorful


Then I added some mixed spice for cakes, some olive oil, some maple syrup and some salt too





I mixed it all together and served it.  Altogether I think I spend about 15 minutes with this salad.


Another variation had mixed nuts, including sultanas in the mix.

And today’s version includes a few chopped up plums for color.

2012-12-31 10.57.27

As you can see, I’ve forgotten the peas but I’ll soon remedy that as I’m taking this salad (giant serving bowl) to my friend’s house for tonight’s dinner and before I take that, I’ll add the peas for extra color.


The good thing about this is that if you decide you’ve got too much potato, you can always use some to make a potato omelette, a Spanish omelette.






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