The Miserables

I’d seen the play four times when I was in London about twenty years ago.

I’ve read the book about three times.

Reading the book was bearable as I could just close the book at any time. Watching the play was very emotive. I cried all the way through every time.

Yesterday I went to see the film with my daughter.  I warned her that there would be a lot of crying.  I thought I’d be strong but I was wrong.

I cried my eyes out!

I must be a masochist because I actually would like to see the film again.

My daughter liked the film.  She cried too.

If I ever have lots of money, I’ll take her to London to watch the play… There’s nothing like watching real people in the play.

You might not get to have a close up of the buttons on someone’s lapels or see the intricacies of the hairdos but you get the “feelings” part which is what is really important about this masterpiece.

According to a lady at the cinema, this film, portrays today’s critical life in Spain.  This is how the Spanish see themselves, poor, hungry and abandoned.

I don’t think these things can be solved by a “revolution” as such or by taking arms and killing; that would just put us in the same league as the people in the wild wild west and although it is true that nowadays it’s the survival of the fittest it doesn’t necessarily have to be the survival of the one with more gunpowder.

Words are supposed to be mightier than a sword and that would work if people actually paid more attention to that, stopped being violent and did thing peacefully and changed laws.

All lovely thoughts but there is one thing that spoils those thoughts: greed.  Greed is the most powerful engine in the world.










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