Pineapple and Ginger Marmalade + Bonus Track

This is going to be one my Christmas presents for my family. I hope they like it.

But for the Pineapple and Ginger Marmalade, this is what you have to do:

Get a couple of pineapples:


Remove the skin and the core (keep the core for the bonus track) – I had about 1600 of pulp


Put those chunks in a blender and hit the button!


Blending away!


Put that stuff in  a pan


Now get some fresh ginger and peel it.


Now grate it (about 125 grams) – This amount would depend on how spicy you’d like your marmalade.


And add the grated ginger to the pulp in the pan


Now you have to add a couple of spoons of lemon juice in there too


Then you add about 1800 of sugar



And now you add the thickener, I added a couple of spoons which were overflowing

The recipe for the thickener is here:


And you mix and start cooking.  You bring it to the boil and then reduce the heat so that it on a high simmer for about 40 minutes or till you see it’s ready


To check if it’s ready or not,  all you have to do is have a plate on the side and after dipping the spoon in the cooking jam, put a tiny bit of the jam on the plate. Wait for it to cool down a bit, touch it, taste it and if you like the consistency, then turn the heat off.


It’s important to pour the marmalade as soon as you take if off the heat.  It’s also important to have clean and sterilized jars ready. (I use the dishwasher for that now but when I didn’t have one, I   poured boiling water from the kettle in them after I’d washed them, let them dry and closed them so that I could use them when I wanted to make jam)

Do one jar at the time.  Pour marmalade in the jar, close the lid firmly and turn the jar upside down.  Leave the jars upside down for a few minutes and then return them back upright.


This is what it loos like:


After I used all the jars, I still had some marmalade left so I put that in a yogurt jar, covered it with some baking paper and tied it with a bit of wool.


For my pressies, I’ll make labels and cover the lids with a bit of material or whatever I can find that would look pretty on them.

This marmalade is absolutely delicious, very tasty, spicy and hottish!  Great wake up breakfast stuff!

Oh!  The Bonus Track:

I hate waste so with the core, I made some juice.

I put the cores in a pan


and covered them in water.


I added sugar (a lot but not too much)


I left it cooking (simmering) while I got the pineapple and ginger marmalade going)


yellowish liquid:


In a nice glass:



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