Marmalade thickener

This one is easy, the only trouble is that you have to start a day earlier as you have to make the “thickener” before you start making some delicious marmalade.   I suppose you can buy that somewhere but since I don’t have time to go around looking for a shop that sells that over here, it’s quicker to make it and most probably nicer too.

Lets start with the thickener for marmalade.

You can use that for any kind of marmalade, it will make it more consistent and will probably help with jelly type of jams too…

Get 6 big apples:

Marmalade thickner - 1

Remove the dangly bits from the apples and throw them in the rubbish or make yourself some earrings with them but whatever you do, don’t put them with the rest of the stuff!!

Marmalade thickner -4

Cut the apples into big chunks. Skin, core and pips, the whole lot.

Marmalade thickner -3

Put them in a big pan

Marmalade thickner -6

and cover with water

Marmalade thickner -5

Bring to the boil and then keep cooking over medium fire for about 40 minutes.

Do not add sugar or anything else at all!!!

Marmalade thickner -8

Now you’ll have to use a tall pan.  You have to pour the apples and the water into a sieve and leave the sieve with the apples on top of the pan for 12 hours so that the whole thing drains completely.  No good if the sieve is touching liquid.

Marmalade thickner -9

Cover that with a cloth so that you don’t get mosquito protein.

Marmalade thickner -10

After 12 hours, throw the apples away or do whatever you like with them and get the resulting juice through a sieve in another pan.

Marmalade thickner -13

Take that pan back to the cooker and bring to the boil again and once  more, keep simmering for at least 30 or 40 minutes

Marmalade thickner -14


Marmalade thickner -15


Marmalade thickner -16

In a small jar: (it tastes really delicious)

Marmalade thickner -17

Marmalade thickner -17


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