Simple “Montaditos” de Chorizo – (Tapas, for you)

I needed to make some accompanying food to reinforce my light pork stew and since I had the basic ingredients at hand I made these montaditos.

Montaditos is the participle (in diminutve)  of the verb “montar” = to mount and in Spanish it basically  means putting something on top of the other, overlapping it.

You can have all sorts of montaditos…anything you like at all…  it’s simple… all you need is to be creative with the ingredients and the colors.

I cut a couple of slices of bread, thick slices and added olive oil on top of each bit, some salt and then some fresh parsley

cm1 bread olive oil salt parsley

then I added a slice of chorizo on each bit of bread

cm2 add slices of chorizo and ready to serve

and since I wanted more color I put some more bits of bread with just the olive oil, salt and parsley.

cm3 add some without chorizo

The dish looked a bit better and more colorful.


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