Light pork and vegetable stew

I used pork but you can use anything you like,  Chicken should be nice…

I started by frying the meat in olive oil,  (I’d cut it in stripes)

s1 fry meat

Then some onion

s2 add onion in half onion rings thinly sliced

then I added some cabbage and some carrots

s3 add carrot and cabbage

then I added some dried pepper. Mine had dried up in the fridge but you can use a fresh one.

s4 add dry pepper sliced

then I added some potatoes

s6 add potato

then I got some finely chopped fresh parsley, herbes de provence, paprika, salt and some cauliflower

s7 add pimenton salt herbes de province and cauliflour

added that to the pan

s8 all inadded some water and let it cook, simmering till ready I suppose… (I don’t know if it was simmering or not because I was using my magic pan and I left it in there for 5 minutes.)

s9 half cover with water


s10 ready


s11 and serveEventhough I used pork, the meal was quite light and I had to reinforce it with some simple  “montaditos” (tapas, for you) with chorizo.

(I took pictures of that too so the recipe will be here)



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