Surrealistic Trip without a warrant

Oh my God! this trip was just so completely out of this world that it may seem to be a product of my imagination after a drinking binge which would be actually strange as I don’t drink much; most of the alcohol I have goes in the food….


Up at 0645 – Start of a normal day, breakfast, lessons, shopping, tidying up, preparing my daughter’s bag for her week away from mummy: school uniform, scouts gear, swimming gear, books and electronics, jackets, clothes, and god knows  what else.. and then pick up from school, take my daughter to her godmother’s for the weekend and go back home to pack my stuff and do my nails before ordering a taxi to take me to the bus station for a drive to Madrid.


Bus leaves at 01:00 I wish for sleep but that’s all it is, a wish.  No sleep.

We get to the bus station in Madrid at 05:00 so I share a taxi to the airport with the bearded guy I got talking to on the bus.

I can’t sleep on those chairs so I just sit and wait patiently for my flight.

13:00 or around that time, plane takes off.  No sleep on the plane either.  Ryan air is cheap but they always have something to say when you close your eyes for a second.

Get to Malta at around 1530 so when my suitcase eventually comes out I get out of the airport into fresh air and take a bus to the ferry, right at the other end of the island.

Wabbit was supposed to be picking me up but he called saying that he was still in the short term psychiatric unit and that “girl” would pick me up.

Girl texted me and said she’d had enough of wabbit and that I could make my own way.

Wabbit got his neighbour to pick me up and we went to see him

I eventually went to bed at about 22.00 – totally dead. I was up since Friday 7 am!


One of the guys, picked me up in the morning so that we could go to the hospital to visit Wabbit and have a business meeting.. Totally surreal, the meeting was held in the dinning room of the psychiatric unit, computer and paper work and all and it was very productive albeit a bit short.

After the meeting I did some food shopping and went to my friend’s house to start on my mission.

OH! I had bacon, beans, toast and fried eggs .  I cooked that in a normal pan he had in a cupboard and gosh that came out disgusting but I was hungry so I ate it.


I went back to hospital to see my friend and do a few things for him he couldn’t do from hospital and I visited all the shops in that city. I bought that damned phone and compared wares and prices from one shop to the other and then compared it all to what I have back home.  The shoes were a lot cheaper and nicer too!

In the evening, my friend was allowed out if he was in the company of the “girl” as she said she would be responsible for his medication and his behavior so we all went out for dinner.  All is: three couch surfers, two of which were staying at Wabbit’s house and the other one staying at the ‘girl’s’ house, the ‘girl’, Wabbit and I.

I finally got to meet the “girl” properly…. ohhh ohhhh!! A sour head who decided to pretend I or anyone else wasn’t there and only concentrated on Wabbit, telling him what to do or not… ohhh ohhhh!  She didn’t look happy, I tell you.

After dinner, my friend went to the “girl”s” place to sleep and I stayed in his little castle.


I was up early as I had to take a bus to go to the Ferry, I was going to the other island to find a sword my daughter’s godparents had made for the government of Malta. I left the house at 06:45 and I got to Valetta at around 10:30!  That’s buses for you! They’re great, they’re cheap but they go all over the place!

It took me a while to find where the sword was.  The owner of a jewelry shop who assured me he was an expert in history, had told me that the sword was in the Armour Museum but when I got there I found out it wasn’t. The sword was in the Fine Arts Museum so I found it and took pictures of it and left the place as fast as I could: too many people there!

On my way back to the ferry I stopped in a lovely place by a harbor and met a guy  who helped me working out my phone.  He’s a pilot.  Funny!  I teach pilots!

During the day I had left a few text messages to Wabbit telling him what I was doing and he never answered back so I thought my phone wasn’t working properly but on the ferry on the way back to Gozo, I tried the ‘girl’s’ phone to see if that was working and she answered the phone.  She was all hysteric asking me about Wabbit; if I’d seen him, if I’d spoken to him, if I knew where he was….and I told her that I had left a few messages and called him with no response back and that it was odd if he didn’t get back to me.  We left it at that and agreed to call each other if any of us heard from him.

I went back to Xaghra, went to the square and when I was enjoying my first real treat of the trip (a casatta sicilliana), ‘girl’ called me again asking me if I’d heard from him… she was in a panic now… telling me that if he’d been drinking he could kill someone and that it was dangerous and god knows what else… panic! panic! panic!

Rubbish!  Rubbish!  Rubbish!  What a drama queen!

I finished my cake and went to his house were I found all the lights on and all the doors open….I went in and called “hello!!!” really out loud but no answer, all was quiet and there were funny noises so I turned around and left the house. I sat on a step opposite the house and called ‘girl’ and asked her to come and go in the house with me as I thought there was someone in…

As I waited I saw the shadow of a head in one of the windows disappear very quickly and I started getting worried.  Two minutes later, two people were getting out of the house.  End of fright!  They were  the  “couch surfers” and just then the ‘girl’ arrived with her couch surfer…  She started asking questions about Wabbit and since none of us had heard from him, specially me we decided to check with the police and hospitals in case something had happened to him.

At the police station, ‘girl’ used their telephone and Wabbit answered the phone.

The first thing she spluttered was: “where are you?”and when he answered she went on a screaming mode and Wabbit hung up!  She told the police that they were no longer needed and off we went to find Wabbit.

To tell the truth, once Wabbit had answered the phone, that would have been the end of that, specially once we knew he was allright but no, we had to go where he was, didn’t we?  – we didn’t have much choice in the matter really, the surfer and I had no transport!

Ok.  So we went to the village where he was, a beautiful place by the sea and we walked up and down, her eyes scanning every corner in every bar or restaurant we passed.  Gosh she was stressed.  I suggested that since we had come to a nice place, we could sit down and have a coffee but no… she carried on looking for him till ……

We saw a couple walking hand in hand in the distance… and yes.. it was Wabbit and another woman!

Her face!   ‘Girl’s’ face was something worth seeing.

She walked faster towards the couple and surfer and I just followed along looking at each other preparing for the row.

She confronted him and the first thing she told the woman was that she, ‘the girl’ was Wabbit’s girlfriend which surprised me… I don’t know how many times she’d said had said she was finished with him!

The woman said she had to go and left us.

‘Girl’ carried on annoying Wabbit and then said she’d leave him there so surfer and I went with her but on the way, ‘girl’ saw the woman at a bus stop and offered to take her to wherever she was going.. (she didn’t actually kidnap the woman but it was a close thing).  ‘Girl’ questioned the woman but the woman just gave vague answers so ‘girl’ went on saying that Wabbit was dangerous and that he could kill her….

There is no stopping for that ‘girl’!  slander comes to mind!

She took us to her house for dinner….. oh! gosh!  that’s me trying to explain that Wabbit is my friend and he would come before her anytime no matter what.  She questioned me as lawyers do, trying to incriminate me or putting words in my mouth… Absolutely incredible.

After dinner, which by the way was not very nice at all, it was some baked pasta, made with sauce mixed with egg and milk and baked in the oven… it might be nice but hers wasn’t, I asked her to take me home as I’d been up since early hours and she took me home, well, to Wabbit’s castle.

Before I got out of the car she said I could sleep with him then as she was finished with him…. Gosh! this girl, just doesn’t understand a thing!  jealous or what? I told her that I love Wabbit as a friend and that’s exactly how I want to keep the relationship.  I don’t think she understood that.

My ears were killing me by the time I went to bed.


My room was at the top of the house, it’s basically a room that has a bathroom on the top of the house, literally on the roof.  To access  it, you have to go up some stairs from the terrace.  It’s not within the house.

That morning I got up a bit later, at about 8 and when I went to open the door to go downstairs to the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee I found that I couldn’t open the door. I pushed with my hands,  with my feet, I shouldered it and nothing happened, the door wouldn’t budge so I just sat and on the bed and carried on figuring out my phone. I had chocolate in the room, there was a bathroom and water so there was nothing to worry about except lack of a hot cup of coffee.  Oh and before you wonder why I didn’t think of getting out through the window, let me tell you that the windows that faced the roof were sealed, and the ones that could be opened, faced a ten feet drop.

Half was through texting Wabbit for help, he appeared by the window with a cup of coffee and a smile on his face… My savior!  he just pulled on the handle and the door opened!

He told me the police was looking for him because ‘girl’ had called the psychiatric hospital and the police and had told them all sorts of nasty things… Wabbit was in hiding in his own house! So we had a cup of coffee and then I went to have a shower and got myself locked in again… so Wabbit had to come back up and get me out.  I took my computer downstairs and then went shopping in his car, left the shopping and parked the car a few streets down his street and left the car more or less concealed… On my way back to the house, I saw a police car going past Wabbit’s house.

They didn’t take long to come… they knocked on the door and rang the bell. Wabbit hid in a bathroom. Of course I told the police I hadn’t seen Wabbit and no, I didn’t know where his car was and no, I didn’t know where he was either.  They left and we both carried on doing our things. They came back again in the evening  and then Wabbit hid in the store room outside, in the garden.  I knew the police would want to search the house so although I didn’t make it easy for them I let them in, all the time remind them that it wasn’t my house.

They didn’t find him and they left and when they did, Wabbit came out of his hiding place and we hugged, we were both shaking and then we carried on working on our computers in different parts of the house.

Later he came up and told me he was going to go to the hospital, he needed his medicines and if he didn’t go, the police would carry on coming so he called the hospital an hour before he told them he would be there and then we went for dinner.

I drove him to hospital after dinner and left him there and when I got home he called me and asked me to get his car keys, and house keys, phone and clothes from the ‘girl’ so I called her and told her I would be collecting his stuff in the morning before she left for the other island.

She was being most difficult regarding the time she was leaving in the morning so I told her I’d be there 730 in the morning.


I arrived at her house at 7 am.  She came out of the house and invited me to a coffee.  Her surfer was a bit funny with me so god knows what she’d been telling him… I don’t care really.

I picked up Wabbit’s things and took them to hospital and then I went to get him a modem for his laptop.  I had lunch with him and then I went back to his castle and went to bed at at 1400 for a nap but I couldn’t sleep;  I didn’t feel right and at 1700 I threw up and then I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep.


I went to see Wabbit and then I went to see another friend where I stayed for a late lunch and a second working meeting but this time without Wabbit but that’s ok.

Before going back to Wabbit’s castle, I went to see him to say good bye and wish him well before I left in the morning just in case I didn’t have time to see him.

I’m supposed to be going back in three weeks but flights are too expensive over Xmas… Pity though, I’d love to take Christmasy pictures.


Finally going back home…. I didn’t have time to give Wabbit a good bye hug and I felt bad leaving him there…

Then it was a ride to the ferry with another friend and then a bus to the airport and then a train from Madrid to Valencia and then a taxi home and pick up my baby from my friend’s house….. I’d missed my little 12 year old baby.

I really couldn’t wait to get back home.

What a trip!

No more of these, please…… No more… but I’m sure there will be more like this…



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