Blackberry versus Samsung Galaxy

I was quite happy with my blackberry, in fact I loved it very much but yesterday I just had to get  a Maltese sim card so that people in Malta could call me without emptying their bank account.

I’ve been around with two phones and it’s a pain so yesterday I went searching for a dual sim phone.

There aren’t many options here wether you have a  budget or not and there aren’t  many more back in Valencia unless you have an unlimited budget.

I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy duo which is very popular and I really do not like.

Touch screen and three hours to type something with keys annoyingly flashing as you type.

No spellcheck either.

Can’t post pictures easily.

When I eventually find a  contact it takes a while to select what you want to do with it and I’m not even talking about editing it.

If you’re thinking of getting one, well…  just don’t; stick to blackberry.

I’m going to save and get myself  a proper phone; a blackberry with two sim cards and a proper keyboard


One response to “Blackberry versus Samsung Galaxy

  1. You might consider getting a 7″ tablet and just use the ‘phone as a portable hot spot…best of both worlds!

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