The Wabbit and the Girl

The girl is being most difficult and yes, I’m taking my friend’s side but up to a point; some things are just not on no matter what and no excuse is good enough, and never will be.

My friend was sent to a temporary psychiatric ward till he calms down before I came over till he calms down.

Drinking is what brought all this up.

He asked girl to pick me up from ferry and just before I arrived she texted me saying she wanted nothing to do with him and that I had to find my own way.  Well, thanks very much girl!  That’s didn’t get you in my “good people’s list” for sure

My friends made arrangements from hospital to have a neighbour come and pick me up.  Nice! and nice neighbour too, I’ll go into him in another post.

Well, I’d thought wabbit and girl were going to kiss and make up but it looks like not.   As usual there are two versions of this…  Why do I get to have people tell me things?

Her version:  

He’s violent.

I believe her there… if he drinks he can become violent and being bipolar doesn’t actually help. All I can say is that he’s never been violent with me although I’ve seen him get aggressive but I’d soon put a stop to that.    According to her he’s beaten her up and beat up another friend of hers who was sleeping with him after “girl” and wabbit broke up which was just before I came over last month.

The beating up:

The other girl, I’ll call “legalized junkie”, was schizophrenic…well, she is.  Mixing bipolar with schizophrenia can have serious effects on your health; it doesn’t take a doctor to certify that.

Oh..  the girl’s version is that he just simply beat her friend up and that’s it. And regarding him beating her up he just did that too.

His version:

“Legalized junkie” was messing him around and hit him whilst he was driving.  (I know wabbit’s driving skills: fast everywhere or nothing) and he told me he had hit her back out of reflex.

About the “girl”  Wabbit said she wouldn’t return his house keys to him nor his car keys or his phone and refused to be cooperative.   He never said anything about beating her up but there again, he wouldn’t tell me that.. That would be admitting wabbit had done something wrong and wabbit never does anything wrong.

Girl’s version is that he started breaking up her place, throwing things out of the window and that she called the police.

My version:

She loves him but I think she’s messing him around.  When you know someone is bipolar you know when to leave them alone and make peace at all costs just to maintain the status quo  specially if you have somewhere else to go to.  She’s not doing that and funny enough she’s trying to get me involved… I’ve told her I’m not going to be her messenger.  I don’t like those games..

She’s told me over the phone that she wants nothing to do with him and that she’s not answering his calls or mails…. and guess what… wabbit called me a while ago saying that “girl” had called him and was going to send him a mail…  So much for not wanting to have anything at all to do with wabbit.

I’m not going to be his messenger either.

He loves her otherwise he wouldn’t be talking about her so much.

What a pair!


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