huu huuu Wonder Questions

I’m back in Malta, well, Gozo  and to be more precise  I’m in Xaghra… a small village that is quite interesting and I’m staying at my friend’s house.  Now …. I’m just talking to myself through my writing…

The video is not finished… I’ve got to find a way of saving it with the unwanted imported files… bloody computers and programmers!

And now I’ve been told it would be a good idea to have a blog and write up things about the place without being advertising, basically writing whatever I want about anything that comes across my strange way of seeing things..  a free hand… I love that…  doing what I want, free pen commissioned writing.

And here comes my dilemma….

I’ve created a new blog.  One that is not secret like his one.  I’m not giving the link to my secret blog to anyone I know because it’s personal and I talk about people…. some people might get offended by how I describe them…

The wonders of internet certainly make me wonder..

My secret blog is liked, and even followed… how? how did people find this blog?  I don’t mind any of you following this blog at all, it actually makes me feel as if I’m talking to someone instead of just to myself.. with the advantage of knowing that if you don’t like what I say you can just switch off and carry on being happy with no harm done whatsoever…


This other blog, the new one I have just created about two hours ago approximately is not secret, the link to that will probably go just about everywhere and that blog at has already given me more tan a couple of surprises…

Surprise number 1.. Some posts were liked almost instantly

Surprise number 2.. The new blog has followers

Surprise number 3.. I found one of the followers of this blog (the secret blog) has clicked “I like” on one of the posts! in this other new blog.. How?


Wonder questions not wonderful questions…








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