Talking to strangers at the airport

I’m having some kind of weird day which started yesterday (friday 23rd) at 7 am and it still hasn’t finished.

That’s how it started:

Alarm clock didn’t ring
Overslept and had to run like hell
Getting pet’s food ready
Taking my daughter’s bags to a neighbour
Pre-pack my things
Pick up my daughter from school
Teach some more
Take her to her Godmother for the weekend
Get back home
Tidy a bit
Finish packing
Do nails
Watch a bit of some film
Get taxi to bus station
Take bus from Valencia to Madrid. Bus left at 01:00
Stopped half way through for a coffee, a cigarette and stretching my cramped legs
Chatting with a total stranger, a bearded guy, at that bus break
Back in the bus and try to sleep to no avail
Arriving Madrid 05:00
Decided to share taxi to airport with that stranger (it seemed the easiest way to get to the airport)
Got to the airport at 05:40
Coffee with stranger and a longer chat.

It turns out he likes photography and has done videos too…he’s off to London to practice his English which I think is a total waste of time… He’s just going to have hotel, breakfast and other food, buses and trains conversations!! No debates about anything as he’s just going and that’s it; he might see a cousin of his there but that would be even worse…He won’t practice much English… Spanish is a persistent language and once there’s some Spanish, forget practicing English.

Never mind. He seemed nice and I gave him my card in case he wanted private lessons. He’s a scorpio. I don’t know much about scorpio except that they are quite independent, a bit of a loner, lethal when angry and according to me: moody and unreliable as friends but good for sex.

I’m sleepy

I want a bed

It’s now 08:00 and I’m still in Madrid waiting for my flight to Malta…

Yes, I’m going back…

To finish video there
To give my ‘creative’ (I’d say quirky) opinion on the design of the web page
Take more pictures

Oh! I don’t think I’ll reach my destination before 1700 as when I land in Malta,

I’ll have to wait for my suitcase to come out
Get a bus to the ferry
Get the ferry
Cross over to Gozo
Be picked up by my friend’s ex or soon to be girlfriend again after kissing and make up.
Visit friend at hospital
Go to my friendks house

Hopefully crash out and sleep????

. Girlfriend again



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