Besamel Pasta with Smoked Ham (cheating)

I made this for dinner, I was in a rush again so I cheated….

Melt some butter


fry up some very finely chopped onion


add some finely chopped smoked ham and fry up a bit


add pasta and stir


add water… almost cover all


here is the cheating part… I must admit that it’s not as good as home-made but I was in a rush


Here is the cooked pasta after 4 minutes


it still had water in but it didn’t matter as I didn’t want the result to be too thick.

I added some of that besamel sauce, probably about 40% of it


Stir and close the pan.  Leave it for 2 minutes…


open:  gosh! the steam!


ready to serve.   I grated some cheese and had some of that on top


As usual I forgot to add salt but it was ok.



If I’d had some ready made pasta, I would have just made the besamel sauce after I added the ham, I would have stirred in some flour, added some milk, mixed it and closed the pan for a couple and minutes…

I should try that next time and see if it works without having to stir constantly




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