I don’t know what the name for this would be in English.. fried bread in egg?

It was cold today and rainy and I wanted some comfort food so I made Torrijas, this is typical of Easter but I don’t care.

They are great, you can have them just like that or spread something on top like marmalade, chocolate spread or peanut butter.  I had them with apricot jam.  If you don’t put sugar at the end of the process you could even have them with something savoury like ham or cheese…  it’s like pancakes, really.

Warm up some milk in the microwave, 75% of a glass, and then add some cinnamon and some sugar.


put that milk in a plate and add some more milk (this time, cold)


beat a couple of eggs


get some bread.  I used sliced bread and I made triangles.  You could do any shape if you use biscuit moulds


Dip the bread in the milk


then dip it in the egg


fry up




when brownish take them out, drain the excess oil and sprinkle sugar on them.










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