More on Rabbit

He’s actually a Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope and he portrays that little animal quite well with the addition of being bipolar and having a knack for driving excessively fast too and drinking a bit too much for my liking, sometimes mixing these two activities.

Rabbit can make money with just little effort from his part.  He just gets on to his computer, sits down, clicks here and there and voilá! he’s made 3000€ with the click of a mouse in less than 10 minutes!

I told him many times he should get a job, some kind of responsibility to stop him becoming a “I don’t know what to do with myself today, so I’ll just drink” person.  In fact I had told him once that if he wasn’t careful he would be the local generous drunk because he is a good person, he’s really nice and doesn’t have any qualms about helping someone in need, as long as that person responds by doing something with their lives. He can’t bear people who will do nothing to progress and sit there complaining about their bad luck.

Well, he’s actually found himself a job, he’s setting up some writing courses so he’s busy organising webpage, the team, the premises, the food, the whole lot so I’m really happy he’s got a goal now.

As I mentioned somewhere, we used to be a couple, a funny couple at that because he was over there and I was over here and things just dwindled but we remained good friends.  Well, we’re still very good friends.

He got himself a girlfriend a couple of years ago and they ended up living together in his house.  Obviously, any woman who moves in a man’s house will turn it into her own and she did just that.  Mind you, when I went over, I didn’t see any major changes, she had just chucked out all kinds of old and unused stuff he had laying about the house and had filled it with her own stuff.   Somehow I thought they were OK together but maybe I was wrong;  I thought they made a nice couple as they were both independent but I forgot that he likes his space too much and I think that is what made them break up.    He literally said: “she made it her home, not our home”! but being as he is, he would not understand that when a woman comes into your life, she changes everything in a house… the feminine touch it’s called but I don’t think he understands that.

Anyway, when I got to Malta it was great seeing him and he was happy to see me and my daughter too but I could tell he had a lot on his mind.  He had “couch surfers” staying at his house, in fact, a gay couple of men and that was funny because I think he’s actually afraid of them but he was a great host to them.  He also had to sort of look after me although he had hired that BMW for me so that I wouldn’t be stepping on his toes but as it turned out, he was actually stepping on mine!

During our stay there, he took us to absolutely gorgeous restaurants all the time, it was great but I was grateful when one day my daughter and I were left to our own devices for most of the day and we enjoyed some home made sandwiches I had made when I’d stayed at that farm house that had been done up in very designy apartments with indoor pool and all.

We went all over the place in Gozo, met lovely new  people and went to dinner with them too.  One night, Rabbit got so drunk he actually fell asleep on the table and I had to drive the car back.  That was sad.  There he was, being nice and a wonderful host to me, my daughter and two beautiful French girls, also couch surfers, and him falling asleep on the table.  He could have stayed home and slept, but no, he had to take us all out to a nice restaurant but he is so hyperactive he can’t sleep anyway.

I know that some people talk behind his back, I know that people take advantage of him because he’s got money and he is generous but he is no fool; he knows who his real friends are and I’m one of them.

I really don’t know why I like him, or why I’m fond of him; maybe it’s because he’s witty and funny and also because we respect each other´s space and independence and talk  freely about anything.  That’s what I call a good friend.






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