I need a proper army tank

I scratched the car.. the lovely BMW.

I scratched it, not just a plain scratch but a whole huge and long scratch with a few rocky walls I encountered  on the way to God Knows Where because someone must have known where I was going.  My idea was finding the sea, after all, I’m on a small island… I was quite sure it wasn’t going to be that difficult getting near the sea…

A normal, road turned into a fennel, rocks on both sides and holes on the floor…  Hell on Wheels!

I don’t want a sporty BMW  on this island, I want an old battered tiny car with good sturdy wheels…  maybe a tank would do.  That’s it, I want a tank!

I know I should be grateful for having been given a BMW just like that and I am, I am grateful and I was happy at first but not any more…

This little baby, in Valencia would do much better, much much better and I’d probably get done for speeding!



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