Piggies wrapped up in Egyptian cotton

5 little pigges went to to explore
The world offshore

5 little piggies remained hidding
Wrapped up I Egyptian cotton

My 10 future bacon slices for worms will be sent by ‘moi’ to the pool to revel in water instead of bed sheets.

Later they will be ordered to take me to the breakfast lounge and a bit later, those 5 little creatures living at the bottom of my right leg will be pressing down the pedal of the accelerator of a beautiful open rooftop sports BMW.

I’m at the Kempisky, by the way, a very small bed and breakfast place with a Spa, indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, hundreds of beautiful rooms, 3 outdoor swimming pools, palm trees, lovely music bar, expensive wine and best of all the ‘Presidential Suite’ and that’s where my little piggies will be sleeping for the next two nights.

This particular Kempinsky is in Gozo, Malta but there are more around the world and all as beautiful as this one or more… When I’m rich, I’ll go to the one in Switzerland…


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